>What is (XP) experience and how does it work?


What is (XP) experience and how does it work?

Zynga has recently added experience points and levels to Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. Experience rewards players who regularly participate in Poker by giving them special gifts and boosts for playing and winning hands of poker. The bigger the pot the more experience points you get.
In Zynga Poker, experience points are earned by playing and winning hands of Poker, and by placing in tournaments.
In normal play you earn XP from playing any hands of Poker, win or lose, as long as you do not fold. You will earn more from winning hands than you will from losing hands but you always gain XP by playing Poker.
Moving up in levels will make certain items in the gift shop available to you along with giving one-time gifts of poker chips at each level. If you want to know what your title is along with what you can get for hitting a certain level please consult the chart below:

Level Name XP Needed Chip Gift Game Gift Unlocked
1 Fish 0
2 Fish 5 5
3 Fish 30 10 Energy Drink
5 Playa 55 25 Sunflower
7 Playa 104 Pizza
10 Under Dog 195 50 Bacon Flavored Vodka, Beef Jerkey, Hookah
12 Under Dog 275 75
15 Big Dog 395 100 Love Potion
18 Big Dog 515 Vegemite
20 Cowboy 595 150 Cupid
25 Shark 775 200 Pipe
30 Rounder 925 250 Poison, Angel
35 Marksman 1075
40 Pro 1225 500 Devil
45 Star 1375
50 Legend 1525 1000

Currently the highest level that can be reached in Poker is level 50. We will post more information as more levels are opened up!


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